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February 28, 2009

Ok, I’m convinced … or converted, rather

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Any accidental reader of this blog can from now on consider me an “ex-subversion-user”, because of this:

Just like Torvalds, I hated cvs from the instant I had to use it the first time. Nevertheless, I forced rcs on my colleges at some point, later someone forced svn on me and I thought, “this is it.” Bitkeeper I don’t know.

From now on, I’ll be using git, and I have already started doing so.

I urge anyone seriously interested in a really distributed system to have a look at the video!

(gefunden auf Fefe’s Blog in diesem Eintrag)



August 6, 2008

Concurrency Helper – Classes

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I have updated my concurrency-page.


… If a thread does a Deqeue() on an empty queue, it is blocked automatically until someone Enqueue()s a new item into the queue. Several threads can access the ThreadBlockingQueue at the same time, regardless if it is a read- or a write-access …

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June 28, 2008

“Effective Concurrency” by Herb Sutter

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I’m a regular reader of Sutter’s Mill (as you can guess from my blogroll).

Herb Sutter is generally considered a leading authority on software development. Here you can read a bit about him, he’s involved in just about everything you would consider cutting edge in software development. I strongly recommend following the link to the article “The Free Lunch is Over” – but you could just as well follow it from here directly. 🙂

Just have a look around his blog, he’s got many, many, very interesting things to say. And he’s got a big archive as well.

Since I’m particularly interested in high performance and real-time computing, I especially enjoy his ongoing coloumn at Dr. Dobb’s Journal about “Efficient Concurrency”. His publications are real gems of information, so I thought I’ld share them with possible readers of my still young and meager blog.

His latest post is on concurrency-friendly data structures. His writings generally touch things you wouldn’t suppose they could have such a large impact on efficiency. In his post you’ll find an excerpt of the latest journal-article, plus links to all the ones published at DDJ. This is definitely recommended reading for anyone seriously into software development who wants to benefit from the ever-increasing number of cores in modern CPUs despite the stagnating increase in clock frequency and overall efficiency of single cores.

I have started to build a page where I want to accumulate interesting facts, thoughts, links and perhaps common misconceptions, regarding software development in modern hardware (and network) environments. Things I have learned the hard way (meaning: by myself, while developing software that had to have higher performance than at the time was considered normal), things I have learned from others, even things that are so fundamental that they haven’t lost significance even if they’re some 30 years old. I’ll just say “The Art of Computer Programming” and “Don E. Knuth” at the moment, more on this is to come on the page(s) I’m setting up.

Perhaps you might want to check back from time to time, because I will announce here if and when I update these pages.

Oh, and remember to check Herb’s blog!

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