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September 3, 2008

Vacation Reading List

I have been on vacation for the last three weeks now, thus the decline in my posting frequency …

The first thing I usually do when I know that I have a few weeks to spare, is to go out and buy a heap of books (mind-fodder, munch, munch).

Following is the list I purchased two and a half weeks ago – in no particular order, if I get the time, I will comment on one or the other when I have read them (I’m already through some of them … they’re written in green, the one I’m reading at the moment is in red):

  • Bjorn Lomborg
    Cool It! The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global warming.
  • Michel Onfray
    Traité d’athéologie. Physique de la metaphysique.
    (Wir brauchen keinen Gott. Warum man jetzt Atheist sein muss.)

    (We Don’t Need A God. Why One Has to be an Atheist Now. – re-translation of the German title)
    (Treatise on an Atheology. Physics of the Metaphysics. – direct translation of the French title)
  • Ray Bradbury
    The Martian Chronicles
  • Philip K. Dick
    A Maze of Death
  • Harald Lesch and Harald Zaun
    Die kürzeste Geschichte allen Lebens
    (The Shortest History of All Life –
    translation of the German title)
  • Julia Friedrichs
    Gestatten: Elite – auf den Spuren der Mächtigen von morgen.
    (May I Introduce Myself: Elite – On The Trail of The Powerful of Tomorrow
    – translation of the German title)
  • Dietmar Wischmeyer
    Logbuch, Das Schwarzbuch der Bekloppten und Bescheuerten.
    (Logbook, The Black Book of The Nutty And The Crackbrained
    – translation of the German title)
  • Douglas Adams
    Mostly Harmless – Part Five of The Trilogy
    (Einmal Rupert und zurück
    – German title)
  • Elie Barnavi
    Les religions meurtrières.
    (Mörderische Religion – Eine Streitschrift
    – German title)
    (Murderous Religions – translation of the French title)
  • Manfred Geier
    Kants Welt – Eine Biographie
    (Kant’s World – A Biography
    – translation of the German title)

Yeah, I know, I read a lot, maybe too much at times …


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  1. Just started reading Manfred Geier’s Aufklärung: Das Europäische Projekt (Enlightenment: the European project) which is his latest work. If the others are as good as this I’ll be getting more of his work. I wish you pleasure with Kant’s World!


    Comment by viki — February 25, 2012 @ 23:32

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