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August 11, 2008

Optical Illusion

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Wow, while tag-surfing during re-read of my last blog entry, I discovered this:


Private Projects

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I present a list of some of the private projects (not only programming, some of them involves hardware) I’m currently working on. This blog entry will also stay here as a permanent (and – hopefully – growing) page.

When I get around to it, I will create sub-pages pointing to more information regarding the particular project, but for now I will only list them here with my working title and a short description of what they’re good for (or will be at some diffuse point in the future).

Watch the pages-entry to the right.

So here we go …


That’s the one into which I have put most of my current effort. It simulates the functioning of a (smallish) brain by mimicking the inner workings of real neurons to the extent that I thought made sense. It has an unlimited set of types of neurons, (more…)

August 10, 2008

C# (or .NET) Really Helps

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Some time ago, I realized why I really like C# (or .NET, for that matter), now I decided to try and put it into words.

I program a lot. I mean, an awful lot, really. Just as a brick-layer layers an awful lot bricks, because that’s what he does all day. Modularity has always been one of my concerns, but it never really worked up to the point of really reusing code. I mean reuse as in: just use it again. Full-stop. And not, “oh, I did something similar some time ago, I’ll just copy ‘n paste this stuff into this project and adapt it to my current needs”.

Curiously enough, since I started to rely heavily on managed code and, more specifically, on C# instead of good-ole C++, ever more pieces have started to fall into ever more places where they seem to fit … (more…)

August 8, 2008

Dead Mice – What Cats Do At Night

During the warmer months of this and last year (since I abandoned my rented apartment in the city in exchange for my own house in a rather smallish village …), my two cats (Simba and Karlo) typically were and are out of office every night. In the morning, just about a few milliseconds after I have filled their feeding dishes, they come flying through the open kitchen window, arriving for breakfast and then sleeping most of the day out of sheer sloth to recover from the hardship of their outdoor jobs. During the nights, they occasionally waltz in to report on how their business is going.

This means that, during the course of an average summer night, I have to dispose of several (mostly/almost) dead mice; shrews, field-mice and what-not (where does one dispose of dead mice, or what remains of them, respectively?). (more…)

August 6, 2008

Concurrency Helper – Classes

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I have updated my concurrency-page.


… If a thread does a Deqeue() on an empty queue, it is blocked automatically until someone Enqueue()s a new item into the queue. Several threads can access the ThreadBlockingQueue at the same time, regardless if it is a read- or a write-access …

Read more …

Hydrogen Power on the Cheap–Or at Least, Cheaper: Scientific American

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I just came across this:

Hydrogen Power on the Cheap–Or at Least, Cheaper: Scientific American.

I’m underwhelmed.

It’s just a way to get a cheaper electrolysis – device. Not some new orders of magnitude of efficiency. And the inventor dreams of revolutionizing our energy-economics within a decade. Seems there are different positions regarding if it makes sense to build a totally new infrastructure to create, distribute and consume hydrogen or if it’s more clever to store and use the electricity (that’s needed to split water into hydrogen and oxygen) directly.

In terms of personal transportation, what it all comes down to is the question if there will be effective batteries (meaning storing at least, say, 50 kWh – which would be the equivalent of some 5 liters of gas and weighing no more than about 100 kg, maximum recharge time 5 minutes). I hope for the latter. In my opinion, following the hydrogen way is following the wrong track.

The argument is about that simple: Hydrogen is much more difficult to store and distribute than is electricity – given the batteries suit the case.

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